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With over 20 years, of delivering high quality training in community education, educational establishments and in Business, we’ve helped learners access, participate and complete their learning meaningfully so they can apply it in any areas of employment or business.

Skills Training | Open For Registration 2024

The Art of the Property Game

Navigate the intricate world of real estate and property management with expert guidance. From property valuation to negotiation skills, this program covers it all. Whether you’re a beginner or an industry professional, discover how to leverage your skillset to build a career or business in properties or real estate for wealth creation and financial freedom.

The Art of the Property Game: Real Estate Business Training For Early Stage Entrepreneurs

This Comprehensive Training Programme is designed to train and coach individuals with an interest in the Real Estate Industry to develop the necessary skills knowledge and understanding of the customer-facing services sector. Successful applicants to the course will have the opportunity to learn and hone their skills working directly for and behalf of a newly established agency.

Successful Candidates will be trained to a high level of operational understanding and discipline in your chosen pathway, from supporting clients to build up their real estate portfolios to providing services in Property Management, Marketing, Acquisitions, Sourcing and Sales.

There are only Ten (10) spaces available for this course and only serious candidates with intent to progress their careers or start a real estate business will be considered.

In order to be considered for this course, you will have to register your interest in the first instance.

We will then contact you after the the registration of interest deadline closes to inform you of whenther you have have made it onto the list.

This is your opportunity to get ahead with a career in this competitive but rewarding industry.

Register Your Interest

Step 1

Complete the Expression of Interest Form in order to join the waiting list and be considered for the programme.

Step 2

Attend the Onbording Webinar and hear more about the programme and how it will be organised. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Step 3

Enrol on the Programme and receive notification of the start date and relevant course materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a unique opportunity for young, ambitious individuals aged 18-30 to join a Customer Success & Relationship Development Training Program for the Real Estate Industry.


All the skills you will lern are transferable intodiffrent industries and sectors. This program provides a comprehensive training and insights into customer relationships, the world of business, sales and marketing techniques, specifically tailored for the real estate industry.

Successful candidates will have the chance to kickstart their careers with a startup company offering opportunities for earning exponential rewards.

You will also have an opportunity to further progress into careers within the industry with full training and support.

Exponential Earnings: Our client offers unmatched earning potential. With their innovative approach and lucrative commission structures, your financial growth knows no bounds.

Expert Guidance: Learn from industry experts with decades of experience. Our in-house leadership team will mentor you, sharing valuable insights and honing your skills to perfection.

Customer-First Approach: We prioritise our clients above all. Our unique approach focuses on building trust and long-lasting relationships, setting you apart in the competitive real estate market.

Local Market Domination: Dive deep into the dynamics of the East Anglia real estate market. Master the art of localised marketing and gain a profound understanding of client needs in the region.

Comprehensive Training: Our 5-week intensive Sales Training Programme covers everything from client engagement strategies to objection handling techniques. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to excel in any situation.

Recognition and Rewards: Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! Outstanding performers receive commendations and certificates, setting you on the path to becoming a recognised expert in the field.

We’re seeking ambitious individuals with:

  • A passion for real estate and helping clients achieve their property dreams.
  • Exceptional communication skills and a customer-first mindset.
  • Eagerness to learn and adapt in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
  • Drive and determination to exceed sales targets and achieve unparalleled success.
  • You must be between 18-30yrs.
  • You will receive a certification of completion recognising their expertise in real estate Customer Success & Relationship Development.
  • You will also have the opportunity to build on their knowledge and further their skills to gain further knowledge and training – that could lead to industry certification.
  • Trainees demonstrating exceptional skills and dedication will have the opportunity to jump start their career journey with our client as Customer Success & Relationship Development Team.
  • Customer Success & Relationship Development Apprentices will receive competitive commissions and incentives, enabling them to earn exponential rewards based on their performance.
  • Access ongoing learning and development opportunities, including mentorship programs, advanced training sessions, and continuous skill enhancement programs.

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