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Your Path to career success and thriving in the new economy

We offer access and pathways to skills development, training and career guidance coaching that will build your confidence and self esteem, leading to improved employment choices and better career goals.

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What We Do

Equipping Learners with Skills and Competencies to Adapt, Grow and Thrive through Career Progression.

Our vision is to be the go-to learning provider of choice, specialising in the provision of training and support into employment as well as offer additional coaching in entrepreneurship for those that wish to pursue that pathway as an option, thus providing continuity in life-long learning.


We offer access and pathways to skills development, training and career guidance coaching that will build learners’ confidence and self esteem, leading to better decision making, improved employment choices and realstic career goals.

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Quality Apprenticeships that promises career progression


Outstanding Futures offers a range of apprenticeships to help you accelerate your transition into work or develop competency skills in your chosen career.

Our apprenticeships are work based and many of them offer qualifications that can be used as access qualifications onto further or higher education.

These are mainly aimed at anyone over 16 at the start of the academic year, allowing them to gain the necessary skills competency skills and proficiencies in their chosen career whilst earning.

We offer apprenticeship positions in the following;

  • IT
  • Networking & Administration
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Digital
  • Website Development
  • Business Services
  • Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Motor Mechanics

Personalised & Relevant Training that ensures Personal Growth & Business Success

Employer Training

Through a unique combination of tailored programmes and customised training, we promise to deliver quality experiences on which our reputation is built.

At Outstanding Futures, we work closely with industry to ensure that we are able to support employers and their employees via a range of career and professional development courses that can be delivered in person at our training centre, at the employers premises or remotely.

Our range of training programmes cover;

  • Organisational & Culture Development
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Personal & Business Branding
  • Business Model Adaptation
  • Growth & Investment Strategy
  • Human Resources

We are also open to discuss other areas of training requirements to see how we can help as we can arrange and orgaise bespoke courses tailored to your specific needs.

So, whatever environment you choose to exprerience your training, you can be assured that you will receive an exemplary level of quality service.

Immersive Learning Experiences for context and application

Accelerated Learning

Focused and Tailored learning modules that teaches you context within a linear framework for an immersive experience.

Our range of Accelerated Learning programmes are designed to provide an immersive experience that gives learners the confidence to transfer their newfound skills and knowledge and apply them directly in a working experience.

It offers a multi-dimensional approach to learning where students can control the speed and method in which they are instructed. It also requires close collaboration to control the speed of learning allowing students the opportunity to be fully immersive in the work itself to learn in context.

Below is a selection of courses availabl through our accelerated learning programme;

  • Creative Digital
  • Digital Maeketing
  • IT
  • Networking
  • Data Analytics
  • Film Production
  • Audio Visual Production
  • Website Development
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Catering

Our programmes are delivered in a learning format that allows learners to complete courses in a shorter period of time compared to a traditional modular curriculum programme.

Moving individuals towards line of sight of employment opportunities

Employment Support

Focusing on helping employees transitioning between jobs or those who are long-term unemployed by providing intensive and tailored support

Our employment support programme is designed to provide a bridge for disaffected employees, long-term unemployed and those affected by unemployment after having time off and the local labour market.

The range of support available extends from digital inclusion through to interview and presentation skills. We believe digital skills are increasingly important for enabling social and economic participation and also helps build confidence and capabilities through it’s application.

Some of the support available includes;

  • Assisted job searching
  • CV Development
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Careers Advice
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Employer Networking
  • Traineeships

Our focus on traineeship ensures that we are also able to support individuals through a tailored Personal Development Programme that aims to provide them with a minimum of foundational Maths and English qualifications whilst benefitting from career development and valuable work experience to help them with those final steps into the world of work.

Traineeships are unpaid work experience but participants will be supported with travel expenses and lunch allowance for the duration of the programme which can be between from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on agreed terms between the learner and the employer they’re partnered with.

Coaching & Mentoring to Start A Business from an Idea through to launch

Starting A Business

We walk you through the entire process of taking an Idea and turning it into a business within 100-200 days.

Our business startup programme is designed to be delivered in a linear way combining a serries of masterclasses and workshops with a step by step guided approach to help you understand and embed the learning through practical case study observations and live.

The programme is designed to help you accelerate the entire learning process which gives you an immersive experience whilst learning and applying what you learn in a real life simulated business environment.

The programmes covers everything you need to know and includes;

  • Ideas Development – Ideation
  • Research Part 1: Ideas Validation
  • Product Design & Development
  • Reasearch Part 2: The Customer & The Market
  • Branding: Business, Product(s), Services or Personal
  • Marketing: Concepts, Strategy, Channels and Processes
  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Launching the business
  • Customer Success Strategies and application
  • Getting Your first customer

During the programme, you will also learn everything there is to know about how best to build a sustainabke business that will be resilient during market downturns and how to leverage your positioning in the market environment to scale and grow.

All the modules, learning materials and sessions will be recorded and stored on our online platform which can be access at any stage to remedial learning or catchup.

You can participate in person or online through our streaming platform – so it offers the flexibility for those who are unable to attend in person classes.

What Differentiates Us

Bridging the demand gap for highly competent Creative, Digital and I.C.T Skills

As a training provider of choice, we our mission is to challenge the long-held view that thriving in society is reserved for a chosen few. We believe our programmes offers the best opportunities and model-learning for maximising learner outcomes beyond apprenticeship or line of sight employment opportunity.


We also aim to support businesses who wish to take full advantage of our expertise and skills within the core ICT, Creative Digital and Digital Skills sector to help with accelerating Digital Transformation objectives in order to meet the challenges of the new and on-demand economic realities.

Our Programmes About Us

Skills Training & Coaching Programmes

Our programmes provide outstanding levels of competency training and coaching for individuals to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist within the IT, Creative and the Digital Skills sector.

15 Skills Training

ICT & Programming

Explore our Core ICT Programme Modules designed for those looking for employment or careers in Website Development, Web Applications Development, Computer Networking and Systems Administration.

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1. Getting In Touch

07 Skills Training

Creative Digital

Our Creative Digital Programme delivers core competency training modules to help you gain the necessary working skills and confidence to enter the creative world of Digital Design, Digital Content Development, Copywriting, Audio-Visual Productions and much more…

12 Skills Training

Digital Marketing

Explore the range of Training programme modules put together to help you develop the necesary cmpetencies to work in the Digital Marketing Sector, ranging from Data analytics to Content Marketing.

05 Coaching


Our Entrepreneurship Programme is designed to help you accelerate your transition into self-employment or freelancing in any Economic Sector or Industry.