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High Quality Skills Training & Employability Support that prepares you for

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We coach and mentor you to build the confidence to make informed decisions about your careers choices and guide you to prepare for your next job role or employment.

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Recommended Programmes, Courses & Workshops

With over 20 years, of delivering high quality training in community education, educational establishments and in Business, we’ve helped learners access, participate and complete their learning meaningfully so they can apply it in any areas of employment or business.

For JobSeekers | Open For Registration

WorkReady™ (Employment Support) Programme

Designed For Jobseekers : Our WorkReady Programme will help and support you with the necessary prepration you need to make yourself marketable and get you in front of an employer.

Business Training | Open For Registrations

Starting And Running A Successful Business

Turning Products & Features into Companies – How AI Language Modelling can help you drive your business into the future.

Employment Training | Open For Registration

Mastering the Art of Sales : Learn How To Sell Anything

Mastering the Art of Sales: Psychology, Language, and Closing Strategies. Lean how to sell anything whilst overcoming sales obstacles and guiding clients toward logical choices.

Business Owners | Coming Soon

Practical Marketing For Local (Small) Businesses

How to develop a cost effective traditional and digital marketing strategies for any business especially, for small localised businesses.

Job Seekers | Open For Registration

Creative Digital (Business) Employment Training

Discover your winning formula for success as you transform creative talents into entrepreneurial ventures. Learn the art of strategic business planning, effective branding, and digital marketing.

Business Owners | Starting July 2023

Customer Relationship Management

How to leverage customer behaviour(s) insights to engage, communicate, build brand ambassors and increase the life time value of your customers.

Careers In IT | Starting September 2023

Junior Cyber Security Analyst

Gain in demand skills to work as Cybersecurity Analyst, Cybersecurity Technician or Tier 1 Help Desk Support by completing the Cisco Certified Network Technician Cybersecurity.

Business Owners | Starting August 2023

Build Predictable Sales with Analytics

Build a solid sales projection model and pipeline using analytics from your business’ data that can help you identify other revenue opportunities.

Careers in the I.T. | Starting 2024

Introduction To Computer Networking

Explore career opportunities and skills required to become a Network Support Technician, IT Support Specialist, or Help Desk Technician.

Business Owners | Starting July 2023

FREE Resources For Managing Your (Small) Business

Explore free tools to help small Business owners manage their operations and workflow seamlessly.

Careers in the I.T. | Starting October 2023

Cisco Certified Support Technician

Gain invaluable skills that will prepare you for the role of a Network Support Technician, Entry-level Help Desk Technician, or IT Support Specialist.

Careers In I.T. | Starting October 2023

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Explore career opportunities in Cybersecurity and learn more about courses available to become a Junior Cybersecurity Analyst.

Interview Techniques

Mentoring & Coaching you to prepare for in person or virtual interviews.

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C.V. Development

We will teach you how to project your best self on your Resume or C.V.

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Employer Relationships

Learn how to approach employers anywhere and get their attention.

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Flexible Training to suit YOU

Upskilling and future-proofing your workforce is critical for survival and growth. At Outstanding Futures, we offer flexible, high-quality Apprenticeships and Traineeships delivered by experts.

Our co-creation programme ensures that we can work collaboratively together to help you build a more productive, efficient and resilient process for human resource and teams development.

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We are committed to providing a comrehensive wrap-around support for all learners throughout their journey.

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Our goal is to make all learning experience enjoyable, rewarding and immersive and experential across all disciplines.

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You can expect to be guided and supported by a friendly team of experts and professionals with a deep passion in their areas of expertise.

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